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ECFG 14th (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
Characterization of extracellular enzymatic extract obtained from Phlebia floridensis strain isolated from Yucatan Peninsula with a novel peroxidase and oxidase profile Roberto Amezquita-Novelo Denis Magaña-Ortiz Elizabeth Ortiz-Vazquez 2018
Functionality of Fusarium oxysporum chromosome telomeric regions in genome plasticity Lucía Gómez Gil Gustavo Bravo Ruiz Antonio Di Pietro M. Isabel G. Roncero 2018
RNA interference in Colletotrichum abscissum, causal agent of citrus postbloom fruit drop Eduardo H. Goulin1 Thiago A. Lima1 Holger B. Deising2 Marcos A. Machado1 2018
Localization and stability of the velvet protein VE-1 and its orthologous VeA in Neurospora crassa M. del Mar Gil-Sánchez Alejandro Miralles-Durán Sara Cea David Cánovas Luis M. Corrochano 2018
Deciphering pathogenicity mechanisms of phytopathogenic fungi and Oomycetes using protein network analysis Eswari Pandaranayaka PJ1 Dhruv Aditya Srivastava1 Yonatan Maayan1 Omer Frenkel2 Dov Prusky3 Yigal Elad2 Arye Harel1 2018
Fruiting body development in the Basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea Ursula Kues Shanta Subba Weeradej Khonsuntia Marco Winkler Kiran Lakkireddy Eman Owis 2018
TRI17 gene encodes a PKS involved in the synthesis of the C-4 lateral side chain of fungal trichothecenes Laura Lindo1 Susan McCormick2 Kim Hye-Seon2 Rosa Cardoza1 April Stanley2 Amy Kelly2 Daren Brown2 Martha Vaughan2 Nancy Alexander2 Mark Busman2 Robert Proctor2 Santiago Gutiérrez1 2018
Proteomic analysis of temperature dependent total proteins from Trichoderma guizhouence NJAU4742 by using rice straw as sole carbon sources under solid-state culture condition Tuo Li1,2 Xiaohui Meng1,2 Xing Chen1,2 Lei Ma1,2 Liu Dongyang1,2 Qirong Shen1,2 2018
Chemical talk, warfare and aid: a case of an ectomycorrhiza-forming fungi, Tricholoma vaccinum, and its interacting partners Oluwatosin Abdulsalam Katrin Krause Erika Kothe 2018
Copper and redox homeostastis of human pathogenic fungi are targeted by the mycophagous amoeba Planoprotostelium fungivorum Silvia Novohradská1 Iuliia Ferling1 Renata Toth4 Thomas Wolf2 Sascha Brunke3 Jörg Linde2 Attila Gacser4 Falk Hillmann1 2018
Versatility of mycoparasitic mechanisms employed by Trichoderma guizhouense against Fusarium oxysporum and other plant pathogenic fungi Jian Zhang1 Guan Pang1 Youzhi Miao1 Hong Zhu1 Feng Cai1 Mohammad J. Rahimi2 Marica Grujic2 Dongqing Yang1 Irina S. Druzhinina2 Qirong Shen1 2018
Multivariate analysis of Diversity in Botrytis cinerea Isolates from Israel Dhruv Aditya Srivastava1 Mariana Mor1 Reut Feldbaum1 Nimrod Tish1 Hagit Shoyhet1 Ekaterina Manasherova1 Eswari Pandaranayaka PJ1 Dalia Rav-David2 Yigal Elad2 Arye Harel1 2018
Genetic analysis of Hsp70 phosphorylation sites reveals a role in Candida albicans cell and colony morphogenesis Ziva Weissman1 Mariel Pinsky1 Donald J. Wolfgeher2 Stephen J. Kron2 Andrew W. Truman3 Daniel Kornitzer1 2018
Functional diversification of orthologous effector shapes pathogenic lifestyle in smut fungi Shigeyuki Tanaka1 Nicole Rössel1 Gabriel Schweizer1 Marco Thines2 Regine Kahmann1 2018
Use of antibodies from single human B cells and C-type-lectin probes to map the dynamic cell surface of fungal pathogens Neil Gow Fiona Rudkin Ingrida Raziunaite 2018
AAA 8th (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
Baseline chest computed tomography in newly diagnosed patients with acute myeloid leukemia for early diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis I Oren1,2,3, R Bitterman3, A Stern3, A Frisch1, O Nudelman1, T Zuckerman1,2, Y Ofran1,2, N Lavi1, M Paul2,3, E Hardak2,4 2018
Simple and rapid detection of TR34/L98H mutations in the Cyp51A gene of triazole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus by tetra-primer ARMS-PCR technique S Khodavaisy1, Sh Mahmoudi1, H Badali2, S Rezaie1, M kord1, A Azarnejad3,4 2018
Reinvestigation of fine epitope specificity of EB-A2 antibody used in the immune detection of galactomannan of Aspergillus fumigatus: molecular basis of false-positive signals NE Nifantiev, VB Krylov, DA Argunov 2018
Evaluation of drug susceptibility of Aspergillus species isolated from ICU of Hospitals at in vitro A Nasrollahi Omran 2018
Use of CSP typing for genotyping of azole-resistant and -susceptible Aspergillus fumigatus isolates in Iran H Badali1, M Falahatinejad1, S Khodavaisy2, JF Meis3 2018 154
Growth substrate of Aspergillus fumigatus alters spore toxin profile ensuing virulence in a murine model of invasive aspergillosis. T Choera1, A Vang1, P Wiemann1, NP Keller1,2 2018 125
Pseudomonas aeruginosa inhibits Rhizopus microsporus germination via the sequestration of iron C Kousser, K Voelz, RA Hall 2018 136
Characterization of major & minor allergens of Aspergillus fumigatus and heterogeneity of allergic patients’ IgE response to them M Vermani1, VK Vijayan2, MK Agarwal2 2018
Multiple resistance mechanisms in both clinical and environmental azole resistant Aspergillus fumigatus isolates in India C Sharma1, JF Meis2,3, A Chowdhary1 2018
Asperfest 15 (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
CRISPR-mediated expression platform for multi-species Aspergilli Zofia Dorota Jarczynska1, Ferdinand Hans Kirchner1, Christina Spuur Nødvig1, Uffe Hasbro Mortensen1 2018