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New sensitization to Aspergillus fumigatus in adult asthma over a 10-year observation period K Watai1, Y Fukutomi1, H Hayashi1, M Iwata1, K Nagayama1, Y Nakamura1, J Tanaka1, Y Hamada1, K Ryu1, Y Tomita1, C Mistui1, Y Kamide1, K Sekiya1, A Mori1, K Asano2, M Taniguchi1 2018 257
Diagnosis of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA) complicating pulmonary tuberculosis by chest X-ray I Page1, R Byanyima2, S Hosmane3, N Onyachi4, C Opira5, J Opwonya6, M Richardson1, R Sawyer3, A Sharman3, D Denning1 2018 448
Role of Aspergillus infection in uncontrolled Asthma S Eldahdouh 2018 73
ISHAM 20th (2018)
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The Immunopathogenesis of Candida Vaginitis P.L. Fidel 2018 S7.2b
Taxonomy of Mucor L. Wagner1, S. De Hoog2, O. Kurzai3 , G. Walther1 2018 S8.6e
Voriconazole resistance and mortality in 196 Aspergillus fumigatus culture-positive patients with invasive aspergillosis P. P. Lestrade1 , R.G. Bentvelsen2 , A.F.A.D Schauwvlieghe3, S Schalekamp4 , W.J Van der Velden4 , E.J. Kuiper2, J. Van Paassen2 , B. Van der Hoven3 , H.A. Van der Lee4 , W.J.G. Melchers4 , A.F. De Haan4 , H.L Van der Hoeven4 , B.J.A. Rijnders3 , M.T. Van der Beek2 , P.E. Verweij4 2018 S8.3d
Diagnostic biomarkers and imaging - what is different in children T. Lehrnbecher 2018 S7.7b
Molecular epidemiology of Colombian Histoplasma capsulatum (Hc) isolates showed their polyphyletic behavior and indicated chicken manure as one infection source L. F. Gomez Londono1, M. Arango Arteaga1, J.G. McEwen Ochoa1, A. Zuluaga2, C.A. Pelaez Jaramillo1, J.M. Acevedo Ruiz1, M.L. Taylor3, M.P Jimenez Alzate1 2018 S7.3d
Antifungal drug resistance of Trichophyton clinical isolates M. Monod1, M. Fratti1 , T. Yamada2 2018 S8.7c
Immunity to Candida vaginitis F. De Bernardis1, S. Graziani1 , F. Tirelli2 , S. Antonopoulou3 2018 S8.5a
Characterization of Candida albicans small ORFs upregulated aftermacrophage phagocytosis reveals the novel microadhesin Sma12 E.M. Vesely, M.C. Lorenz 2018 S8.1d
RNA-seq and transcriptome-wide analysis of Sporothrix schenckii yeast and mycelial forms O. Romeo1, D. Giosa1 , R. Aiese Cigliano2 , M.R. Felice1, F. Scordino3, E. D’Alessandro1, H. Huang4 , H.M. Mora-Montes5 , S. De Hoog6, G. Criseo1 2018 S7.6a
Hair fungal Infection - precise diagnosis and therapeutic effect evaluation by dermoscopy and fluorescent staining Y.P. Ran, X. Ran, K.W. Zhuang, J.Q. Tang 2018 S8.7h
Pneumocystis Activation of Innate Immune Responses by Lung Epithelial Cells A.H. Limper 2018 S7.2c
Relationship between Dermatophyte Infections and Occupational Distribution in parts of the Savannah region of Nigeria A. Chuku1, W. Chuku2, A.E. Aderomu3 2018 S8.7a
Advances in DNA barcoding of pathogenic fungi W. Meyer1, L. Irinyi1 , L.Pasic1 , M.T. Hoang1 , WG Medical mycology and the global medical mycology ISHAM barcoding working group 2018 S8.4
Epidemiology and outcome of IFD in pediatric patients: The Southern hemisphere F. Carlesse 2018 S7.7c
Defective antifungal immunity in cystic fibrosis A. Warris 2018 S7.4c
Trichophyton mentagrophytes genotype Thailand Type 1 as causative pathogen of abscessing dermatophytoses - tinea genitalis and barbae - in Germany P. Nenoff1, S. Uhrlaβ2 , G. Wendrock-Shiga3, D. Mechtel4 , K. Schubert3 , R. Jarsumbeck5 , E. Lusmo¨ ller6 , C. Kru¨ ger2 , R. Stadler6 2018 S8.7d
Fungal-bacterial biofilms: consequences in an intra-abdominal infection model M.C. Noverr 2018 S7.1c
Identification of Candida albicans protein kinases, involved in environmental pH modulation and biofilm formation P. Brandt1, B. Ram´ırez-Zavala2 , J. Morschh¨ auser2, S. Vylkova1 2018 S8.5d
Taxonomic benchmarks in mycotoxinogenic fungi R. A. Samson 2018 S8.2a
Sprothrix globosa causing sporotrichosis in Jilin Province (Northeast of China): Prevalence, Molecular Characterization, and Antifungal Susceptibility S.Li, Y. Cui, L. Yao, Y. Song 2018 S7.6b
NGS and Aspergillus fumigatus: from the environment to the clinics J.G. Gibbons 2018 S9.1b
Differential gene expression of Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus niger interacting with epithelial lung cells E.M. Keizer, N. Escobar, I.D. Valdes, S.R. Ordonez, R.A. Ohm, H.A.B. Wo¨ sten, H. Cock 2018 S7.2d