PtDS2 – Repeated chest infections halted by itraconazole in ABPA and bronchiectasis

Date: 4 August 2015

PtDS2 –Repeated chest infections arrested by itraconazole therapy in ABPA and bronchiectasis

DS2 developed asthma age 24 and now aged 62. From about age 30 she started getting repeated chest infections and a few years later ABPA and bronchiectasis was diagnosed. Infections continued requiring multiple courses of antibiotics annually. At one point DS2 developed a pneumothorax, possibly because of excess coughing. She has chronic rhinitis and mannose binding lectin deficiency. In May 2011, she started itraconazole therapy, and has needed no antibiotic courses for her chest since. Her rhinitis with sinusitis occasionally bothers her. She is delighted to have gone 18 months with no chest infections.

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