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Characterization of recombinant chloroperoxidase, and F103A and C29H/C79H/C87H mutants Wang, Zheng 2011
Characterization and genetic manipulation of ergot pathway inefficiency in fungi Mulinti, Prashanthi 2011
Indoor air quality (IAQ) in hospital buildings Vaquero de la Hoz, Maria Teresa 2011
Invariant Natural Killer T cell activation by fungi Cohen, Nadia Rachel 2011
Taxonomy and phylogeny of clinically important mucoralean fungi Alvarez Duarte, Eduardo 2011
Etude de la diversité génétique d'Aspergillus fumigatus et de Chlamydophila psittaci chez les oiseaux et mise au point de modèles expérimentaux aviaires Thierry, Simon 2011
The origin and evolution of recently gained introns in Daphnia populations Li, Wenli 2011
Solid state fermentation of soybean hulls for cellulolytic enzymes production: Physicochemical characteristics, and bioreactor design and modeling Brijwani, Khushal 2011
Caractérisation immunologique et protéomique des cellules dendritiques tolérogènes humaines. Application à la recherche de biomarqueurs de l'immunothérapie spécifique allergénique Zimmer, Aline 2011
Isolation via Derivatization: Terminal Acetylenes from Echinacea Medos, Boris John 2011
Asymmetric 1,5-polyol synthesis: A concise configuration-encoded approach Sreenilayam, Gopeekrishnan 2011
Nup2 and a newly discovered nuclear pore complex protein, NupA, function at mitotic chromatin controlled by the NIMA kinase Markossian, Sarine W. 2011
Phytochemical and Biological Study of Sudanese Plants : Hydnora johannis Becc. (Hydnoraceae) and Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. et Nakai var. citroides (Bailey) Mansf. (Cucurbitaceae) Yagi, Sakina 2011
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel delta6-acetylenic fatty acids and 2-methoxylated-delta6-acetylenic fatty acids Cartagena Rivera, Michelle Marie 2011
Asthma-associated allergen Alternaria induces STAT6 dependent epithelial FIZZ1 that promotes airway fibrosis Khorram, Naseem Melissa 2011
Accessing natural products from silent biosynthetic pathways using chemical epigenetics Henrikson, Jon C. 2011
Identification of a novel fungal fruiting structure formed by Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus carbonarius in grape berries CRISTINA PISANI 2011
Investigation of Highly-Reducing Polyketide Synthase Enzymes that Produce the Fungal Polyketides Lovastatin, Fumonisin B1, and Hypothemycin Li, Jesse W.-H 2011
Studies on the biosynthesis of the stephacidins and notoamides. Total synthesis of notoamide S and notoamide T, and, Progress toward the synthesis of chrysogenamide A McAfoos, Timothy Joseph 2011
The elucidation of signalling and survival mechanisms of fungi to counteract the antifungal protein AFP Meyer, Vera [Betreuer], Ouedraogo, Jean-Paul 2011