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Studies on the biosynthesis of the stephacidins and notoamides. Total synthesis of notoamide S and notoamide T, and, Progress toward the synthesis of chrysogenamide A McAfoos, Timothy Joseph 2011
Risk factors and new markers of pulmonary fungal infection Boer, Markus Gerardus Johannes de 2011
Novel approaches to the control of infectious diseases Foping, Damaris Agathe Meujo 2011
Functional genomics to study protein secretion stress in Aspergillus niger Silva Pinheiro Carvalho, Neuza Daniela 2011
Infection of blueberries by Colletotrichum acutatum: Host defenses, inheritance of resistance and environmental effects Miles, Timothy David 2011
Risk management of biologicals: a regulatory and clinical perspective Giezen, T.J. 2011
Development and Characterization of Polymeric Nanoparticles (NPs) made from Functionalized Poly (D,L- lactide) (PLA) Polymers Essa, Sherief 2011
Microbial Biodeterioration of Human Skeletal Material from Tell Leilan, Syria (2900--1900 BCE) Pitre, Mindy Christina 2011
Characterization and safety of clays as potential dietary supplements to prevent aflatoxicosis Marroquin-Cardona, Alicia Guadalupe 2011
Internal structure and water transport in endosperm and parchment of coffee bean Ramirez-Martinez, Alejandra 2011
Studies on the biosynthesis of prenylated indole secondary metabolites from Aspergillus versicolor and Aspergillus sp.; and A novel approach to tumor specific drug delivery: Use of a naphthyridine drug linker with a DNA hairpin Finefield, Jennifer M. 2011
Natural products chemistry of Lilium longiflorum: Structural elucidation, quantification, biological activity and fungal metabolism of steroidal glycosides Munafo, John Peter, Jr. 2011
Caractérisation immunologique et protéomique des cellules dendritiques tolérogà¨nes humaines. Application à  la recherche de biomarqueurs de l'immunothérapie spécifique allergénique Zimmer, Aline 2011
Biodiversity, pathogenicity, antifungal susceptibility and rapid identification of Fonsecaea and relatives Najafzadeh, M.J 2011
Identification of fungal adhesins for the development of potential drug targets in the treatment of Aspergillosis Lee, Sungsu 2011
Metabollic Engineering of Saccharomyces Cereviae a,omi acid metabolism for production of products of industrial interest Chen, Xiao 2011
Reducing the risks of aflatoxin through public health interventions Khlangwiset, Pornsri 2011
Discovery of oxidative enzymes for food engineering : Tyrosinase and sulfhydryl oxidase Faccio, Greta 2011
Polymeric micelles for solubilization and delivery of amphotericin B Diezi, Thomas A. 2011
Immunological and proteomic characterization of human tolerogenic dendritic cells. Application to the discovery of immunotherapy biomarkers Zimmer, Aline 2011