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Epidemiologie von Aspergillus terreus am Klinikum der Universität zu Köln: Molekulare Typisierung von Umwelt- und Patientenisolaten Gerlach, Sarah R. 2011
Mercury effects on axenically grown fungal isolates and on Pinus rigida and its ectomycorrhizal community Crane, Sharron L. 2011
Materia medica e prodotti naturali nella Chimica Farmaceutica Solinas, Maria Novella 2011
A novel solubilisation technique based on poly(y-glutamic acid) for the delivery of amphotericin B and anticancer agents Dinh, Tan 2011
Caractérisation immunologique et protéomique des cellules dendritiques tolérogà¨nes humaines. Application à  la recherche de biomarqueurs de l'immunothérapie spécifique allergénique Zimmer, Aline 2011
Functional genomics to study protein secretion stress in Aspergillus niger Silva Pinheiro Carvalho, Neuza Daniela 2011
The chemical defense of Pseudopterogorgia americana: A focus on the antimicrobial potential of a Pseudovibrio sp Vizcaino, Maria Isabel 2011
Scaling fitness optima-Studying adaptive evolution with multiple genotypes of Aspergillus nidulans Gifford, Danna R. 2011
Studies towards the total synthesis of the chivosazoles Gibson, Lisa 2011
The synthesis and biological evaluation of structurally simplified bryostatin analogues and the total synthesis of swinholide A Kraft, Matthew Brian 2011
Immunological and proteomic characterization of human tolerogenic dendritic cells. Application to the discovery of immunotherapy biomarkers Zimmer, Aline 2011
Identification of Protein Isoforms in Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomic Analyses Using Alternative Splicing Databases Chang, Kung-yen 2011
A contribution to the study of biocontrol agents apitherapy and other potential alternatives to antibiotics Alnaimat, Sulaiman 2011
Estrazione, purificazione e valorizzazione di polisaccaridi di basidiomiceti Di Mario, Francesca 2011
Internal structure and water transport in endosperm and parchment of coffee bean Ramirez-Martinez, Alejandra 2011
Polymeric and lipid nanoparticles for therapeutics delivery Kumar, Varun 2011
Mycobiota and aflatoxigenic profile of Portuguese almonds and chestnuts from production to commercialisation Rodrigues, Paula Cristina Azevedo 2011
Distribution of mycotoxins in fungal structures Errede, Dawn C. 2011
Evaluation of elevator shafts as a pathway for fungal spores and particles to enter a hospital housing immuno-compromised patients Berkheiser, Matthew L. 2011
Metabollic Engineering of Saccharomyces Cereviae a,omi acid metabolism for production of products of industrial interest Chen, Xiao 2011