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Epidemiologie von Aspergillus terreus am Klinikum der Universität zu Köln: Molekulare Typisierung von Umwelt- und Patientenisolaten Gerlach, Sarah R. 2011
Mycotoxins and mycobiota in Brazil nuts and strategies for their control Silva, Otniel Freitas 2011
The elucidation of signalling and survival mechanisms of fungi to counteract the antifungal protein AFP Meyer, Vera [Betreuer], Ouedraogo, Jean-Paul 2011
The study of the aspergillus nidulans metabolome in the post-genomic era Sanchez, James 2011
Sub-Micron Grinding of a Food Product Hennart, S.L.A. 2011
Synthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Janus Kinase 2, Phosphodiesterase IV, GABAA and NMDA receptors: Investigation of Mcmurry, Mannich and Chemoenzymatic Strategies Gali, Meghanath 2011
Fungi associated with aflatoxin contamination in Africa Probst, Claudia 2011
Elucidation of the mycosamine dependent sterol binding and antifungal activites of amphotericin B Palacios, Daniel S. 2011
The effect of nitric oxide and oxidative stress in Aspergillus morphology and secondary metabolism Baidya, Sachin 2011
Regulation and diversity of plant polysaccharide utilisation in fungi Battaglia, E. 2011
Functional comparison of Aspergillus nidulans and Histoplasma capsulatum veA homologs Rohrssen, Jennifer L. 2011
Molecular ecology of aspergillus section flavi species : approaches to understand the role of aflatoxin genes in aflatoxin biosynthesis Abdel-Hadi, Ahmed 2011
Estrazione, purificazione e valorizzazione di polisaccaridi di basidiomiceti Di Mario, Francesca 2011
The cloning, expression and activity of eight pectin degrading enzymes from a thermophilic fungus Zhang, Si 2011
Characterization of the zinc cluster transcription factor Rds2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae links glucose metabolism to antifungal drug resistance Mitra, Shuvadeep 2011
Co-immobilization of thermostable Alpha-amylase and Glucoamylase for starch hydrolysis Dai, Zifei 2011
Early events in Aspergillus fumigatus infection : a chronicle of host-pathogen interactions Cairns, Timothy Charles 2011
Characterization of two genes for resistance to aflatoxin accumulation in maize (Zea mays L.) Mylroie, John Erik 2011
Cell survival in response to oxidative stress in Aspergillus nidulans Saeed, Sairah 2011
Inhibition of Protein Prenylation: a Novel Approach in Antifungal Therapy Tseng, Quincy 2011