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Biodiversity, pathogenicity, antifungal susceptibility and rapid identification of Fonsecaea and relatives Najafzadeh, M.J 2011
Reducing the risks of aflatoxin through public health interventions Khlangwiset, Pornsri 2011
Evaluation of selected probiotic and prebiotic candidates on the control of Salmonella in chicks and poults Menconi, Anita 2011
A Penicillium chrysogenum által termelt kis molekulatömegű antifungális fehérje (PAF) élettani szerepének a felderítése Hegedűs, Nikoletta 2011
Risk management of biologicals: a regulatory and clinical perspective Giezen, T.J. 2011
Synthesis and Antifungal Evaluation of Spirostane Saponins Upadhyay, Sunil Kumar 2011
Aerobiological studies in San Juan metropolitan area and Turabo Valley, Puerto Rico: Relationship of meteorogical factors and environmental health Quintero 2011
The synthesis and biological evaluation of structurally simplified bryostatin analogues and the total synthesis of swinholide A Kraft, Matthew Brian 2011
Analyse der Interaktion und die gezielte Modifikation von angeborener Immunantwort gegenüber Aspergillus fumigatus Ok, Michael 2011
Development of antimicrobial peptides as potential therapeutic agents Jiang, Ziqing 2011
Factors Affecting Pre-Harvest Aflatoxin Contamination of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Uppala, Sai Sree 2011
Polymeric and lipid nanoparticles for therapeutics delivery Kumar, Varun 2011
Delivery of therapeutic molecules through skin using conventional or enhancement approaches Sachdeva, Vishal 2011
Studies on the biosynthesis of prenylated indole secondary metabolites from Aspergillus versicolor and Aspergillus sp.; and A novel approach to tumor specific drug delivery: Use of a naphthyridine drug linker with a DNA hairpin Finefield, Jennifer M. 2011
Improving maize by QTL mapping, agronomic performance and breeding to reduce aflatoxin in Texas Mayfield, Kerry Lucas 2011
Discovery of compounds that alter the fidelity of start codon recognition in yeast Takacs, Julie Ellen 2011
Marine Natural Products: Integrated Spectroscopic Solutions for Structure Elucidation Morinaka, Brandon Isamu 2011
Fungi associated with aflatoxin contamination in Africa Probst, Claudia 2011
The study of the aspergillus nidulans metabolome in the post-genomic era Sanchez, James 2011
Deep Breath and Relax: a study of NPS/NPSR1,+Hongyan/$N?accountid=12253 2011