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Classification of Trauma-Associated Invasive Fungal Infections to Support Wound Treatment Decisions. Ganesan A, Shaikh F, Bradley W, Blyth DM, Bennett D, Petfield JL, Carson ML, Wells JM, Tribble DR; Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program Trauma Infectious Disease Outcomes Study Group. 2019
From the Clinical Mycology Laboratory: New Species and Changes in Fungal Taxonomy and Nomenclature. Wiederhold NP, Gibas CFC 2019
Black aspergilli: A remaining challenge in fungal taxonomy? D'hooge E, Becker P, Stubbe D, Normand AC, Piarroux R, Hendrickx M. 2019
Taxonomy and evolution of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Talaromyces in the omics era - Past, present and future. Tsang CC, Tang JYM, Lau SKP, Woo PCY. 2018
Identification of Aspergillus sections Flavi, Nigri, and Fumigati and their differentiation using specific primers. Ashtiani NM, Kachuei R, Yalfani R, Harchegani AB, Nosratabadi M. 2018
Polyphasic data support the splitting of Aspergillus candidus into two species; proposal of Aspergillus dobrogensis sp. nov. Hubka V, Nováková A, Jurjević Ž, Sklenář F, Frisvad JC, Houbraken J, Arendrup MC, Jørgensen KM, Siqueira JP, Gené J, Kolařík M 2018
Streptomyces amphotericinicus sp. nov., an amphotericin-producing actinomycete isolated from the head of an ant (Camponotus japonicus Mayr) Cao T, Mu S, Lu , Zhao S, Li D, Yan K, Xiang W, Liu C 2017
Discovery of Aspergillus frankstonensis sp. nov. during environmental sampling for animal and human fungal pathogens Talbot JJ, Houbraken J, Frisvad JC, Samson RA, Kidd SE, Pitt J, Lindsay S, Beatty JA, Barrs VR. 2017
Previously unknown species of Aspergillus Gautier M, Normand AC, Ranque S 2017
Species Distribution and In Vitro Azole Susceptibility of Aspergillus Section Nigri Isolates from Clinical and Environmental Settings. Iatta R, Nuccio F, Immediato D, Mosca A, De Carlo C, Miragliotta G, Parisi A, Crescenzo G, Otranto D, Cafarchia C. 2017