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Advances against Aspergillosis 3rd Miami USA. January 16-19 2008
Proteome analysis for pathogenicity and new diagnostic markers O. Kniemeyer
Conventional or molecular measurement of Aspergillus load K. Clemons
Neutrophils and damage during invasive aspergillosis: Superoxide and STAT3 S. Holland
Granulocyte products act as alarmins to enhance innate and adaptive immunity D. Yang
Stage-specific Innate Immune Recognition of Aspergillus fumigatus and Modulation by Echinocandin Drugs T. Hohl
Stage-specific innate immune recognition of Aspergillus fumigatus and modulation by echinocandin drugs T. Hohl
Invasive aspergillosis in steroid-treated patients D. Kontoyiannis
Difference in invasive aspergillosis in solid organ transplant recipients S. Husain
Aspergillosis - Invasive disease in patients with leukemia J. Maertens
Diagnostic imaging in experimental invasive pulmonary aspergillosis T. Walsh
Sexual structures in Aspergillus- morphology importance and genomics D. Geiser
Chitin synthases of aspergilli: functions of tip growth and morphogenesis in aspergillus nidulans H. Horiuchi
Controversies surrounding categorization of fungal sinusitis A. Chakrabarti
Canine sino-aspergillosis parallels with human disease M. Day
Allergic fungal sinusitis M. Schubert
Antifungal treatment of severe asthma DW. Denning
The species concept in Aspergillus: recommendations of an international workshop R. Samson
MLST versus Microsatellites C. Klaassen
Comparison of the two sequenced clinical isolates of A. fumigatus N. Fedorova
Cultivated anti-Aspergillus TH1 Cells T. Lehrnbecher
Host response signatures to invasive aspergillosis T. Zelante
Prophylaxis limitations: Challenges in the management of invasive aspergillosis P. Chandrasekar
Interactive case studies: improving clinical outcomes on invasive aspergillosis N. Singh
Role of (1-3)-beta-D-glucan in the diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis F. Marty
Sick building syndrome: Is mould the cause? A. Terr
Cerebral aspergillosis: Tissue penetration is the key S. Schwartz
Differences in the immunobiology of Aspergillus colonization and ABPA J. Kolls
Asthma and its phenotypes S. Wenzel
Regulation of immunity in bronchiectasis and ABPA R. Boyton
Mechanisms behind the CF-ABPA link D. Harti
Clinical trial design for mould–active agents: Time to break the mold E. Anaissie
Aspergillus and biotechnology S. Baker
Subtelomeric diversity as a major force in evolution of Aspergillus secondary metabolism and virulence pathways B. Nierman
What do we know about the role of gliotoxin in pathobiology of Aspergillus J. Kwong-Chung
Biofilm formation by Aspergillus G. Ramage
Interaction of Aspergillus with human respiratory mucosa R. Amitani