ID 2: 661

Toxin: n

Trivial name: 2,​5-​Piperazinedione, 3-​[[5-​(1,​1-​dimethyl-​2-​propenyl)​-​1H-​imidazol-​4-​yl]​methylene]​-​6-​(phenylmethyl)​-​, (3Z,​6S)​- (9CI); 2,​5-​Piperazinedione, 3-​[[5-​(1,​1-​dimethyl-​2-​propenyl)​-​1H-​imidazol-​4-​yl]​methylene]​-​6-​(phenylmethyl)​-​, [S-​(Z)​]​-; (-​)​-​Phenylahistin; (S)​-​NSCL 96F037; Phenylahistin; Phenylhistin

Systematic name:

2,​5-​Piperazinedione, 3-​[[5-​(1,​1-​dimethyl-​2-​propen-​1-​yl)​-​1H-​imidazol-​4-​yl]​methylene]​-​6-​(phenylmethyl)​-​, (3Z,​6S)​-

Molecular formulae: 

C20 H22 N4 O2

Molecular weight: 350.41

Chemical abstract number: 200815-37-8

Literature reference:

  • (-​)​-​Phenylahistin: a new mammalian cell cycle inhibitor produced by Aspergillus ustus. Kanoh, Kaneo; Kohno, Shinkichi; Asari, Tohru; Harada, Takeo; Katada, Jun; Muramatsu, Michiko; Kawashima, Hiroshi; Sekiya, Hirokatsu; Uno, Isao. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (1997), 7(22), 2847-2852.

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