ID 2: 403

Toxin: n

Trivial name:

Anthraquinone, 1-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl- (6CI,​7CI,​8CI); 1-​Hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​9,​10-​anthraquinone; 1-​Hydroxy-​3-​methylanthraquinone; Pachybasin

Systematic name:

9,​10-​Anthracenedione, 1-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 238.24

Chemical abstract number: 2549-78-2

Literature reference:

  • The chemistry of mold products: synthetic analogs of antimycin; metal complexes of antimycin; cryosophanic acid and pachybasin from Aspergillus crystallinus. Farley, Thomas Michael, Thesis, The University of Wisconsin – Madison | (1965), 107 pp.

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Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite:

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