ID 2: 359

Toxin: y

Trivial name: 7H-​Furo[3′,​2′:4,​5]​furo[2,​3-​c]​xanthen-​7-​one, 1,​2,​3a,​12c-​tetrahydro-​6,​8-​dimethoxy- (8CI); 7H-​Furo[3′,​2′:4,​5]​furo[2,​3-​c]​xanthen-​7-​one, 1,​2,​3a,​12c-​tetrahydro-​6,​8-​dimethoxy-​, (3aR-​cis)​-; Sterigmatocystin, dihydro-​O-​methyl- (6CI); Dihydro-​O-​methylsterigmatocyst​in; O-​Methyldihydrosterigm​atocystin

Systematic name:

7H-Furo[3′,2′:4,5]furo[2,3-c]xanthen-7-one, 1,2,3a,12c-tetrahydro-6,8-dimethoxy-, (3aR-cis)-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 340.33

Chemical abstract number: 24945-81-1

Literature reference:

  • Mycological chemistry. VII. Sterigmatocystin, a metabolite of Aspergillus versicolor (Vuillemin) Tiraboschi. Davies, J. E.; Kirkaldy, D.; Roberts, John C. Univ. Nottingham, UK. Journal of the Chemical Society (1960).
    Dihydro-​O-​methylsterigmatocystin, a new metabolite from Aspergillus flavus. Cole, Richard J.; Kirksey, J. W.; Schroeder, H. W. Tetrahedron Letters (1970), (35), 3109-12.
    Carbon-​13 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of fungal metabolites, aflatoxins, and sterigmatocystins. Cox, Richard H.; Cole, Richard J. Journal of Organic Chemistry (1977), 42(1), 112-14.

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