ID 2: 342

Toxin: n

Trivial name:

Nigragilline (8CI); Piperazine, 1,​2,​5-​trimethyl-​4-​(1-​oxo-​2,​4-​hexadienyl)​-​, [2α,​4(E,​E)​,​5β]​-​(+)​-; Piperazine, 1,​2,​5-​trimethyl-​4-​[(2E,​4E)​-​1-​oxo-​2,​4-​hexadienyl]​-​, (2R,​5S)​-​rel-​(+)​- (9CI); N-​Methyl-​trans-​2,​5-​dimethyl-​N’-​sorbylpiperazine; Nigragillin

Systematic name:

2,​4-​Hexadien-​1-​one, 1-​[(2R,​5S)​-​2,​4,​5-​trimethyl-​1-​piperazinyl]​-​, (2E,​4E)​-​rel-​(+)​-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 222.33

Chemical abstract number: 24779-38-2

Literature reference:

  • Nigragillin, a new alkaloid from the Aspergillus niger group. I. Isolation and structural elucidation of nigragillin and a dioxopiperazine. Caesar, Friedrich; Jansson, K.; Mutschler, E. Pharmaceutica Acta Helvetiae (1969), 44(11), 676-90.
    Isolation and identification of nigragillin as an insecticidal metabolite produced by Aspergillus niger. Isogai, Akira; Horii, Tetsuo; Suzuki, Akinori; Murakoshi, Shigeo; Ikeda, Katsutoshi; Sato, Shouhachi; Tamura, Saburo. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry (1975), 39(3), 739-40

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