ID 2: 387

Toxin: n

Trivial name:

8,​8′-​Bicoumarin, 4,​4′,​7,​7′-​tetramethoxy-​5,​5′-​dimethyl-​, (+)​- (8CI); [8,​8′-​Bi-​2H-​1-​benzopyran]​-​2,​2′-​dione, 4,​4′,​7,​7′-​tetramethoxy-​5,​5′-​dimethyl-​, (S)​- (9CI); (+)​-​Kotanin; Kotanin; P-​(+)​-​Kotanin

Systematic name:

[8,​8′-​Bi-​2H-​1-​benzopyran]​-​2,​2′-​dione, 4,​4′,​7,​7′-​tetramethoxy-​5,​5′-​dimethyl-​, (8S)​-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 438.43

Chemical abstract number: 027909-08-6

Literature reference:

  • Structure and synthesis of kotanin and desmethylkotanin, metabolites of Aspergillus glaucus. Buechi, George; Klaubert, Dieter H.; Shank, R. C.; Weinreb, Steven M.; Wogan, G. N. Journal of Organic Chemistry (1971), 36(8), 1143-7.
    Four new mycotoxins of Aspergillus clavatus related to tryptoquivaline. Buechi, George; Luk, Kin Chun; Kobbe, Brunhilde; Townsend, James M. Journal of Organic Chemistry (1977), 42(2), 244-6.
    Isokotanins A-​C: new bicoumarins from the sclerotia of Aspergillus alliaceus. Laakso, Jodi A.; Narske, Elizabeth D.; Gloer, James B.; Wicklow, Donald T.; Dowd, Patrick F. Journal of Natural Products (1994), 57(1), 128-33.
    Regio- and stereoselective intermolecular oxidative phenol coupling in kotanin biosynthesis by Aspergillus niger. Huettel, Wolfgang; Mueller, Michael. ChemBioChem (2007), 8(5), 521-529.

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Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite:


Plant growth inhibitor

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