ID 2: 626

Toxin: n

Trivial name: 11H-​Dibenzo[b,​e]​[1,​4]​dioxepin-​11-​one, 3,​8-​dihydroxy-​4,​9-​dimethyl-​1,​6-​bis(1-​methyl-​1-​propenyl)​-​, (Z,​Z)​-; 11H-​Dibenzo[b,​e]​[1,​4]​dioxepin-​11-​one, 3,​8-​dihydroxy-​4,​9-​dimethyl-​1,​6-​bis[(1Z)​-​1-​methyl-​1-​propenyl]​- (9CI); Folipastatin

Systematic name:

11H-Dibenzo(b,e)(1,4)dioxepin-11-one, 1,6-bis(1-methyl-1-propenyl)-3,8-dihydroxy-4,9-dimethyl-, (Z,Z)-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 380.43

Chemical abstract number: 139959-71-0

Literature reference:

  • Folipastatin, a new depsidone compound from Aspergillus unguis as an inhibitor of phospholipase A2: taxonomy, fermentation, isolation, structure determination and biological properties. Hamano, Kiyoshi; Kinoshita-Okami, Masako; Hemmi, Atsuko; Sato, Akira; Hisamoto, Marie; Matsuda, Keiichi; Yoda, Keiko; Haruyama, Hideyuki; Hosoya, Tsuyoshi; Tanzawa, Kazuhiko. Journal of Antibiotics (1992), 45(8), 1195-201.

References URL: 

Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite:


Mouse LD Intraperitoneal >100mg/kg

Structure image:  


Date uploaded: 2008-05-19 15:47:28

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