Trivial name: Asperazine

Systematic name:

2H-​Pyrazino[1′,​2′:1,​5]​pyrrolo[2,​3-​b]​indole-​1,​4(3H,​5aH)​-​dione, 10b-​[3-​[[(2S,​5R)​-​3,​6-​dioxo-​5-​(phenylmethyl)​-​2-​piperazinyl]​methyl]​-​1H-​indol-​7-​yl]​-​6,​10b,​11,​11a-​tetrahydro-​3-​(phenylmethyl)​-​, (3R,​5aR,​10bR,​11aS)​-

Molecular formulae: 

C40 H36 N6 O4

Molecular weight: 664.75

Chemical abstract number: 198953-76-3

Literature reference:

  • Varoglu M, Corbett TH, Valeriote FA, Crews P. Asperazine, a Selective Cytotoxic Alkaloid from a Sponge-Derived Culture of Aspergillus niger. J Org Chem. 1997;62(21):7078-7079.

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