Toxin: unknown

Systematic name: 1(2H)​-​Naphthalenone, 7-​ethyl-​3,​4-​dihydro-​4,​6,​8-​trihydroxy-​, (4R)​-

Molecular formulae: 


Molecular weight: 222.24

Chemical abstract number: 56495-97-7

Literature reference:

  • Metabolites of Aspergilli. II. Asparvenone and O-methylasparvenone, naphthalenones from Aspergillus parvulus. Chao, P. D.; Schiff, P. L., Jr.; Slatkin, D. J.; Knapp, J. E.; Chao, M.; Rosenstein, R. D. Sch. Pharm., Univ. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Lloydia (1975), 38(3), 213-17.
    Naphthalenone production in Aspergillus parvulus. Bartman, C. D.; Campbell, I. M. Canadian Journal of Microbiology (1979), 25(2), 130-7.
    O-​Methylasparvenone, a nitrogen-​free serotonin antagonist. Bos, Michael; Canesso, Rolf; Inoue-Ohga, Noriko; Nakano, Atsuko; Takehana, Yuki; Sleight, Andrew J. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (1997), 5(12), 2165-2171.

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