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Invasive Fungal Infections in Patients with Acute Leukemia and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients Maxim Norkin and John R. Wingard 2011
Surgical Pathology in HIV Infection in the Era of Antiretroviral Therapy Mónica Belinda Romero-Guadarrama 2011
Pulmonary Infections Nalini Gupta and Arvind Rajwanshi 2012
Drug- Induced Pneumonitis: A Rare Complication of Imatinib Mesylate Therapy in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia O.V. Lazareva and A.G. Turkina 2012
Ocular Complications of Endocarditis Ozlem Sahin 2012
Post-Cardiac Surgery Fungal Endocarditis Parisa Badiee 2012
The Prognosis of Cystic Fibrosis - A Clinician's Perspective Patrick Lebecque 2012
Non-Odontogenic Oral and Maxillofacial Infections Petr Schütz and Hussein Hassan Hamed Ibrahim 2013
Complications of Post-Transplant Immunosuppression Raffaele Girlanda 2013
Infections in Leukemia Rekha Chandran, Morgan Hakki and Stephen Spurgeon 2012
Fungal Air Quality in Medical Protected Environments Ricardo Araujo and João P. Cabral 2010
Invasive Fungal Infections in ALL Patients Roman Crazzolara, Adrian Kneer, Bernhard Meister and Gabriele Kropshofer 2013
Laboratory Diagnosis of Meningitis S. Nagarathna, H. B. Veenakumari and A. Chandramuki 2012
Effect of Vitamins, Amino Acids and Phyto-Active Biomolecules on Aspergillus flavus in Poultry Production S.A. Bolu, N. Elelu, R.N. Ahmed, F.E. Solaojo, K.F. Daramola, V.S. Omotosho, A.G. Atitebi and M. Afeni 2014