YO-001A, a new antifungal agent produced by Streptomyces sp. YO15-A001

A new antifungal compound YO-001A was found from the culture broth of Streptomyces sp. YO15-A001, which was isolated from a soil sample collected in Toyama Prefecture. YO-001A was identified through morphological changes-based screening of the rice blast fungus, Pyricularia oryzae (P. oryzae). YO-001A is a new 26-membered macrolide of the oligomycin family, which exhibits potent antifungal activity against P. oryzae with an IC50 of 0.012 µM by disrupting mitochondrial respiration via inhibition of the FOF1-ATPase activity.

Date of article/Start date of trial: 6 October 2019

Trial Phase: In vitro

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