New antifungals drugs, new approaches and vaccines

Title Antifungal name Trial phase Date
In-vitro activity of F901318 and comparators against clinical isolates of cryptic species of Aspergillus F901318 27 Apr 2017
Antifungal peptides: a potential new class of antifungals for treating vulvovaginal candidiasis caused by fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans. P11-6 24 Apr 2017
Preclinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic Target of SCY-078, a First-in-Class Orally Active Antifungal Glucan Synthesis Inhibitor, in Murine Models of Disseminated Candidiasis. SCY-078 (MK-3118) Phase 2 27 Mar 2017
Pharmacokinetics of the Novel Echinocandin, CD101, in Multiple Animal Species. Biafungin (CD101) 27 Mar 2017
In vitro and in vivo antifungal profile of a novel and long acting inhaled azole, PC945, on Aspergillus fumigatus infection. PC945 13 Mar 2017
Special Issue: Novel Antifungal Drug Discovery General articles 15 Feb 2017
Activity of a Long-Acting Echinocandin (CD101) and Seven Comparator Antifungal Agents Tested Against a Global Collection of Contemporary Invasive Fungal Isolates in the SENTRY (2014) Antifungal Surveillance Program. Biafungin (CD101) 15 Feb 2017
Structure-Activity Relationships of a Series of Echinocandins and the Discovery of CD101, a Highly Stable and Soluble Echinocandin with Distinctive Pharmacokinetic Properties. Biafungin (CD101) 23 Jan 2017
Safety and Pharmacokinetics of CD101 IV, a Novel Echinocandin, in Healthy Adults. Biafungin (CD101) 23 Jan 2017
Safety and Efficacy of Oral Encochleated Amphotericin B (CAMB/MAT2203) in the Treatment of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (VVC) MAT2203 Phase 2 15 Dec 2016