New antifungals drugs, new approaches and vaccines

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Title Antifungal name Trial phase Date
Novel Macrocyclic Amidinoureas: Potent Non-Azole Antifungals Active against Wild-Type and Resistant Candida Species Macrocyclic amidinoureas In vitro 23 Jul 2013
Latest information on SCY-078 (MK-3118; enfumafungin) from Scynexis Ibrexafungerp (SCY-078, MK-3118) 20 Oct 2017
Enfumafungin derivative MK-3118 shows increased in vitro potency against clinical echinocandin-resistant Candida Species and Aspergillus species isolates. Ibrexafungerp (SCY-078, MK-3118) In vitro 16 Jan 2014
Clone of Antifungal activities of SCY-078 (MK-3118) and standard antifungal agents against clinical non-Aspergillus mold isolates. Ibrexafungerp (SCY-078, MK-3118) 14 Jul 2015
Discovery of Plant Sterol-Derived Gamma-Secretase Modulators by Molecular Editing of a Triterpenoid Glycoside Ibrexafungerp (SCY-078, MK-3118) 27 Oct 2013
Design, synthesis, and docking of highly hypolipidemic agents: Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a new model for evaluating alpha-asarone-based HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. Alpha-asarone 15 Jun 2010
In Vitro Activity of ASP2397 against Aspergillus Isolates with or without Acquired Azole Resistance Mechanisms. ASP2397 (VL-2397) In vitro 11 Nov 2015
Discovery of a new antifungal agent ASP2397 using a silkworm model of Aspergillus fumigatus infection ASP2397 (VL-2397) 17 Jan 2017
VL-2397 (formerly known as ASP2397) has completed dosing in a Phase 1 clinical trial. ASP2397 (VL-2397) Phase 1 20 Oct 2017
Activity of pradimicin BMS-181184 against Aspergillus spp. Pradimicins (inc. BMS-181184) Phase 1 25 Aug 1999