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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort ascending References Structure image
11-O-methylpseurotin A A. fumigatus Not known
Brevianamide F phenyltransferase A. fumigatus Not known
Penicillenols (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) A. restrictus A1: 297.395 g/mol; A2: 297.395 g/mol; B1:279.38 g/mol; B2:279.38 g/mol; C1:295.379g/mol ;C2:295.379g/mol
Aspercryptin A. nidulans 933
Ethanedioc acid A. niger 90.04
Ethanedioc acid A. glaucus 90.04
Ethanedioc acid Sterigmatocystis nigra 90.04
Oxalic acid Sterigmatocystis nigra 90.03
Oxalic acid A. niger 90.03
Oxalic acid A. glaucus 90.03
Oxalic acid A. fumigatus 90.03
Oxalic acid A. oryzae 90.03
Oxalic acid A. luchuensis 90.03
Oxalic acid A. fonsecaeus 90.03
Oxalic acid A. aculeatus 90.03
Oxalic acid A. chevalieri 90.03
Oxalic acid A. usamii 90.03
Taxol Taxol 853.906
asperversin A A. versicolor 782.96
Scleramide Scleramide 711
Fumonisin B2 A. niger 705.83
Ditryptophenoline A. flavus 692.80
Ditryptophenoline A. oryzae 692.80
Cryptoechinuline B A. amstelodami 687.87
Neosartorin Neosartorya fischeri 680.61
Neosartorin A. lentulus 680.61
Neosartorin A. fumigatiaffinis 680.61
Diketopiperazine A. sydowii 664.7516 g/mol
Asperazine A. niger 664.75
viriditoxin viriditoxin 662.594
Cycloaspeptide A Aspergillus (species not defined) 641.76
Similanamide A. similanensis KUFA0013 641.4053
secalonic acid D secalonic acid D 638.581
secalonic acid F secalonic acid F 638.572
Cycloaspeptide B Aspergillus (species not defined) 627.73
Cycloaspeptide C Aspergillus (species not defined) 627.73
Cryptoechinuline D A. amstelodami 619.75
Asterriquinone (4) A. terreus 602.76
Asterriquinone A4 A. terreus 602.76
Emestrin Emericella striata 598.60
Emestrin Emericella foveolata 598.60
Leporizine A Aspergillus (species not defined) 591.68
Leporizine C Aspergillus (species not defined) 589.68
Fonsecinone B A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Fonsecinone D A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Fonsecinone C A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Asperpyrone B A. niger 586.54
Fumitremorgin A A. fumigatus 579.68
Fumitremorgin A Neosartorya fischeri 579.68
Canescin A. malignus 578.65