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Metabolitesort descending Produced by (Species) Molecular weight References Structure image
Erythroglaucin A. umbrosus 300.26
Erythroglaucin A. ruber 300.26
Erythroglaucin A. variecolor 300.26
Erythroglaucin Aspergillus spp. BH4 300.26
Ethanedioc acid A. niger 90.04
Ethanedioc acid A. glaucus 90.04
Ethanedioc acid Sterigmatocystis nigra 90.04
Ethyl atrarate A. silvaticus 210.23
Festuclavine A. fumigatus 240.34
Festuclavine A. japonicus 240.34
Flavipin A. flavipes 468.98
Flavoglaucin A. glaucus 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. echinulatus 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. umbrosus 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. flavus 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. amstelodami 304.42
Flavoglaucin Eurotium echinulatum 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. ruber 304.42
Flavoglaucin A. chevalieri 304.42
Flavoglaucin Eurotium chevalieri 304.42
Flavoglaucin Eurotium herbariorum 304.42
Flufuran A. flavus 142.11
Folipastatin A. unguis 380.43
Fonsecinone A A. fonsecaeus 570.54
Fonsecinone B A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Fonsecinone C A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Fonsecinone D A. fonsecaeus 588.56
Fumagillin A. fumigatus 458.55
Fumigaclavine A A. fumigatus 298.38
Fumigaclavine A A. tamarii 298.38
Fumigaclavine B A. fumigatus 256.34
Fumigaclavine C A. fumigatus 366.50
Fumimycin A. fumisynnematus 333.29
Fumiquinazoline A A. fumigatus 445.47
Fumiquinazoline C A. fumigatus 443.46
Fumiquinazoline C A. sydowii 443.46
Fumiquinazoline K A. fumigatus 469.49
Fumitremorgin A A. fumigatus 579.68
Fumitremorgin A Neosartorya fischeri 579.68
Fumitremorgin B A. fumigatus 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. caespitosus 479.57
Fumitremorgin B Neosartorya fischeri 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. sydowii 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. tamarii 479.57
Fumitremorgin C A. clavatus 546.57
Fumitremorgin C A. fumigatus 546.57
Fumitremorgin C Neosartorya fischeri 546.57
Fumonisin B2 A. niger 705.83
Fumonisin B4 Fumonisin B4
Geodin 1 A. terreus 399.18
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  2. The biochemistry of micro-organisms. LI. The metabolic products of Aspergillus terreus Thom. 2. Two new chlorine-​containing mol
  3. Aspergillus uvarum sp. nov., an uniseriate black Aspergillus species isolated from grapes in Europe.