bronchocentric granulomatosis

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Bronchocentric granulomatosis (click for details) Image A. Lung biopsy - H&E section of right lung showing a large granuloma with some central necrosis, consistent with tuberculosis or an invasive fungal infection. Special stains for acid fast organisms and fungi were negative. - 3/11/98, Image B. Lung biopsy - High power H&E stained section of right lung showing a group of giant cells surrounded by lymphocytes. - 3/11/98 , Image C. Lung biopsy - Low power H&E stained section of right lung showing preservation of a small artery, but destruction of a small bronchus by a granulomatous process. - 3/11/98   , Image D.  Lung biopsy - Low power elastin stain of right lung showing preservation of the normal elastin fibres around a small artery, but loss of elastin around a small bronchus, indicating bronchial destruction. - 3/11/98 -  , Image E. Chest X-ray showing progression of infiltrates, despite azithomycin and itraconazole. She subsequently responded to large doses of corticosteroids. 3/11/98 , Image F. CT scan showing multiple small nodules of variable size in both lung fields, apparently close to the vascular bundles. 6/10/98 , Image G. Chest X-ray showing bilateral diffuse infiltrates consistent with a miliary disease such as tuberculosis or aspergillosis. 5/10/98.
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