Laboratory protocols

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Aztec Labs Diagnostic testing Protocols
Reproducibility ( Replication ) Studies for Antigen Assays
Reproducibility ( Replication ) Studies for Antibody Assays
Comparative Studies for Nucleic Acid-Based Diagnostic Assays
Comparative Studies for Antigen Assays
Comparative Studies for Antibody Assays
Interfering Medical Condition Studies for Nucleic Acid-Based Diagnostic Assays
Interfering Medical Condition Studies for Antigen Assays
Interfering Medical Condition Studies for Antibody Assays
Species/Strain identification
Colony identification key: A key for the identification of species via colony morphology on standard media.
Microsatellite typing for Aspergillus fumigatus
Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Typing and Fingerprinting
FGSC strains and mutants
ATTC: Fungi & Yeast strains
Susceptibility testing
EUCAST Technical Note on the method for the determination of broth dilution minimum inhibitory concentrations of antifungal agents for conidia-forming moulds
Whole blood fractionation
Purification of neutrophils
Superoxide assay (Phagocytes)
Inhibition of germination assay
Conidiocidal assay
Standard Operating Procedures:National Aspergillosis Centre
Use and Control of Chemical Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reproductive Toxins
Disinfection and decontamination Policy
Guidance on the maintenance of electrical equipment by Schools / Administrative Directorates
Guidance on the First aid treatment of cyanide, hydrofluoric acid and phenol exposure
Guidance on the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981(UK)
Procedure for First Aid at Work
Procedures for Use of the Fume Hood