Laboratory protocols

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Preparation of samples for scanning electron microscopy
Growth and Storage
Media for culture of Aspergillus nidulans (FGSC)
Care and feeding of Aspergillus (FGSC)
Fungal Isolation and Enumeration in Foods
A list of Aspergillus mutations and how to deal with them
Fungal Molecular Biology
A novel method of growing fungi for DNA extraction
Identification of Ochratoxin A-Producing Black Aspergilli from Grapes Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays
SYBR safeTM efficiently replaces ethidium bromide in Aspergillus fumigatus gene disruption
DNA extraction – miniprep from spores for PCR
Northern blot
Evaluating Aflatoxin Gene Expression in Aspergillus Section Flavi
Two new easy to use vectors for transformations (FGSC)
Pathogen Gene Expression Profiling During Infection Using a Nanostring nCounter Platform
Precise and Efficient In-Frame Integration of an Exogenous GFP Tag in Aspergillus fumigatus by a CRISPR System
A rapid method for isolation of total nucleic acids from Aspergillus nidulans.
Model systems: in vivo
Application of Humanized Mice in Immunological Research
Induction of Allergic Airway Disease Using House Dust Mite Allergen
General Molecular Biology
Conformational Dynamics and Interactions of Membrane Proteins by Hydrogen/Deuterium Mass Spectrometry
Media and Growth Conditions for Induction of Secondary Metabolite Production
Targeting Other Mycotoxin Biosynthetic Genes
Secondary metabolites
The “FERMEX” Method for Metabolite-Enriched Fungal Extracts
Enzyme synthesis
Cloning and Expression of Hemicellulases from Aspergillus nidulans in Pichia pastoris
Protein methods
Investigation of In Vivo Protein Interactions in Aspergillus Spores
Additional methods & reference
In Silico Systems Biology Approaches for the Identification of Antimicrobial Targets
Assaying mycotoxins
Development and validation of a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay for the simultaneous quantitation of 5 azole antifungals and 1 active metabolite