Laboratory protocols

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Growth and Storage
A list of Aspergillus mutations and how to deal with them
Fungal Molecular Biology
Tools for Manipulation of Secondary Metabolism Pathways: Rapid Promoter Replacements and Gene Deletions in Aspergillus nidulans
Two new easy to use vectors for transformations (FGSC)
A rapid method for isolation of total nucleic acids from Aspergillus nidulans.
Protoplast Transformation of Filamentous Fungi
Improved Vectors for Selecting Resistance to Hygromycin
A practical method for the preparation of total DNA from filamentous fungi
A series of six compact fungal transformation vectors containing polylinkers with multiple unique restriction sites
Preparation of chromosomal DNA in agarose plugs
Broad-Spectrum Molecular Detection of Fungal Nucleic Acids by PCR-Based Amplification Techniques
DNA extraction
Isolation of Nucleic Acids for Fungal Diagnosis
General Molecular Biology
Media and Growth Conditions for Induction of Secondary Metabolite Production
Additional methods & reference
In Vitro and Ex Vivo Assays of Virulence in Candida albicans
In Silico Systems Biology Approaches for the Identification of Antimicrobial Targets
Assaying mycotoxins
Microarray-Based Immunoassay for Parallel Quantification of Multiple Mycotoxins in Oat
Species/Strain identification
Molecular Detection of Resistance to Azole Components
whole-cell screening
Screening of a Marine Algal Extract for Antifungal Activities
Detection in clinical samples
Protocol for homogenisation of CF sputum samples
Immunological Identification of Fungal Species
Analysis of Fungal Gene Expression by Real Time Quantitative PCR
Inducible Gene Expression Systems for Plants
Observing Meiosis in Filamentous Fungi: Sordaria and Neurospora
Protein methods
Zymographic Assay of Oxidases Using Peroxidase or Hemin Entrapped in Polyacrylamide Gel
Protocol overviews
Three Decades of Fungal Transformation: Key Concepts and Applications
In Vitro Screening of Antifungal Compounds Able to Counteract Biofilm Development