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Nasal, sinus and orbital aspergillosis in a cat. Nose- severe bone erosion rostrally through the nasal bone. (click for details)
Nasal aspergillosis. KOH preparation of fungal plaques surgically removed from the frontal sinus of a Schnauzer with nasal aspergillosis due to Aspergillus fumigatus. (click for details)
Guttural pouch aspergillus (PAS) (horse TW). Serial section of previous slide for horse TW stained by PAS reveals the presence of fungal hyphae within the inflammatory tissue. Aspergillus spp. is the likely cause of equine guttural pouch mycosis. (click for details)
Aspergillosis in an air sac of a hen (click for details)
Discospondylitis - Radiograph of thoracolumbar vertebrae of a 2 year old, female German shepherd dog with disseminated aspergillosis demonstrating discospondylitis of T13-L1. (click for details)
Aspergillosis in penguins Lesions found in captive Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) with aspergillosis as determined by histology.Adrenal gland involvement (adjacent to kidney) - characterized by massive enlargement to 8-10 cm, forme (click for details)
Pulmonary aspergillosis (cat T). Section of lung from a young adult, female domestic short haired cat. This was one of seven unvaccinated farm cats that died over a 12 month period. At necropsy examination there was diffuse pulmonary consolidation wi (click for details)
Falcons: The following images were obtained by endoscopy of falcons with aspergillosis.B,D Aspergillus lesions (A) over a swollen liver (click for details)
Domestic crossbred cat with disseminated aspergillosis. KOH preparation of material obtained from thoracotomy of a 3 year old domestic crossbred cat with invasive Aspergillus fumigatus infection. The cat had marked enlargement of the hilar lymph node (click for details)


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