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Full presentation Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, by Prof David Denning. Presented in March 2016.

Also see our Aspergillus & Aspergillosis Youtube Channel

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NET degradation by DNase I in vitro.
Neutrophils cross epithelial borders and migrate on the alveolar surface an infected lung slice.
Neutrophils migrate through an Aspergillus-infected lung slice.
Allergy Test: Skin Prick

An interesting description of how a skin prick test is carried out with the intention of finding out which substances a patient is allergic to. Amongst other substances Aspergillus is tested for in this video.

Management of allergic and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis: part 1

Management of allergic and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis masterclass by Prof David Denning, presented at AAA conference in Istanbul


Viewers of the Masterclass should note that there is no part 2, this video series goes straight from part 1 to part 3.

What is Aspergillosis? - Fungal Infections & Symptoms

An online science educational resource - Intended to be a course for students but is suitable for the layperson.

Requires registration for a free trial

Aspergillosis & antibody testing

Published on 10 Jul 2014 Patient information video outlining the role of antibody testing in the management of Aspergillosis

Interview with Patient JA living with CPA

A patient describes her experience of living with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and treatment with itraconazole.

A patient describes his life with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis

Woodrow Maitland tells of his personal experience of having aspergillosis. Like most people he had never heard of aspergillosis when he was finally diagnosed and treated at the National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester, UK

Aspergillosis for Patients Meeting, Rome 2010

The first Aspergillosis for Patients Meeting was held in Rome on Feb 3rd, 2010 and is now available for viewing as both videos and slides.

Some health effects of mould exposure

A summary of the potential health impacts of living in a damp home: Video provided by US companies with a financial interest in remediating homes so some marketing of specific services is featured.

Informal patient group videos

A collection of video and audio resources intended for patients consisting of self help, patients own stories and patient conference talks.

Interview with CPA patient RW on long term antifungal treatments

A patient interview. This patient RW- with long term chronic pulmonary aspergillosis describes his experiences over 18 years during which he has taken various antifungal treatments. He remains well and currently takes itraconazole.

Interview with patient with an aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis who developed azole resistance patient MD

Video interview with patient with an aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, diagnosed after coughing up blood who later developed azole resistance on voriconazole.

Interview long-term ABPA patient who coughed up large sputum plugs

Video Interview with long-term ABPA patient who coughed up large sputum plugs. This patient had several episodes of pneumonia and developed bronchiectasis after diagnosis for a collapsed left lung.

Interview with patient HM with asthma and ABPA who improved with nebulised amphotericin B

Video interview with patient with childhood asthma and ABPA, who showed a marked improvement in her ABPA and asthma when she commenced nebulised Amphotericin B.

Interview with patient DW with childhood asthma and ABPA

Video interview with this patient with childhood asthma and ABPA. After persistent chest infections and continuous steroids and a bad productive cough, Aspergillus was cultured from sputum in 2002.

Patient describes his experience with 3 different types of antifungal drug

Video interview with patient JW with childhood asthma and subsequent ABPA, describes his experience with 3 different azole types of antifungal drugs and who showed a marked improvement when taking posaconazole.

Catherine survived acute invasive aspergillosis

Video interview with Catherine who following a kidney transplant developed severe invasive aspergillosis, but was successfully treated with antifungal drugs.

Management of allergic and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis: part 3

Management of allergic and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis.

Extrapulmonary Aspergillosis

Published on 28 Dec 2012 Developed and produced for Animation Description: One of the most lethal complications of invasive aspergillosis is dissemination to the

Case 108 * Spectrum of Pulmonary Aspergillosis * Babury, M.D. *

Case presentation (narration not in English)

Diagnostics and novel life-saving therapies for aspergillosis | Prof David Denning

Fighting the agile aspergillosis by David Denning

Invasive aspergillosis of skull base

Invasive aspergillosis in an immunocompetant individual

Suction Clearance of Superficial Fungal Infection of The Ear Canal (Otomycosis)

This video depicts removal of superficial fungal infection involving the right ear canal by using suctioning technique