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Full presentation Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, by Prof David Denning. Presented in March 2016.

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Bridging the Health Divide in Europe

European Respiratory Society: The current difficult econominc and financial environment is causing significant differences in the treatment of resiratory disease across europe.

Translational Medicine in Respiratory Disease

European Respiratory Society: Speeding up the development of new treatment by removing barriers to progress.

ERS Vision - Personalising Respiratory Care in Europe

European Respiratory Society: Personalised medication and telehealth are transforming the way disease is prevented, treated and managed.

Nutritional Science in the Prevention & Management of COPD

European Respiratory Society: Current thinking regarding the importance of nutritional science in the management and prevention of COPD.

Designing Drugs to Better Help Real Lives

European Respiratory Society: Should we be testing new drugs in the 'real' world where some patients smoke, are obese and have other comorbidities? 

The Lung Health Research & Medicine Revolution

European Respiratory Society: A revolutionary collaborative approach to research funding is providing new insights into the origins of chronic respiratory diseases.

Clean Air and Lung Health

European Respiratory Society: Clean air is vitally important for people who live with aspergillosis.

ERS Vision: Take the Active Option for your Health

European Respiratory Society launches its latest vision to support those with respiratory health difficulties throughout europe: encouraging patients to increase their levels of activity which is proven to improve lung health.

Push-ups for Aspergillosis Research

Stewart Armstrong inspiring many people to do 'Push-ups for aspergillosis' to raise awareness and funds for aspergillosis research.

Super-Resolution Microscopy: Xiaowei Zhuang
Choosing the Right Microscopy Technique: Ron Vale
Correlating Fluorescence with Electron Microscopy: Roger Tsien
Optical Sectioning and Confocal Microscopy: Kurt Thorn
Cameras and Detectors How do they work?: Nico Stuurman
Dual-View Inverted Selective Plane Illumination (diSPIM): Hari Shroff
Miniature Microscopes for Deep Tissue Imaging: Mark Schnitzer
Polarization Microscopy: Edward Salmon
Resolution in Microscopy: Jeff Lichtman
Super Resolution Localization Microscopy: Bo Huang
Early History of Microscopy: Joseph Gall
Lenses and Image Formation: Dan Fletcher
Swollen hyphae germinate in the lung and induce NET formation.
Neutrophils internalise conidia in living lung slices.
Neutrophils cooperate to transport hyphal fragments into larger accumulations.
Neutrophils phagocytose conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus in an infected lung slice.