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Full presentation Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, by Prof David Denning. Presented in March 2016.

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The day I got told I am going to die

Friday 13th March 2015 was the day I got told I was going to die. Today makes 2 years since that day.

Nasilele Simukulva: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis Nasilele describes her experience of living with CPA after a prior diagnosis of Tuberculosis and then having a severe cough that did not respond to antibiotics.
Stephen Entwistle: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis Stephen describes the difficulties living with Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis. He was initially suspected to have Tuberculosis but a year later he was finally referred to the National Aspergillosis Centre, UK.
Jacqueline: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis Jacqueline lives with Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis and this is her story, how she was diagnosed, how she was treated and her experiences while on several different antifungal drugs.
John Guto: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis John Guto lives with Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis and this is his story.
CEO Becomes an Aspergillosis Survivor

In January 2016, the CEO of NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership, the economic development organization that serves Bristol, Bluff City, Kingsport and Sullivan County, contracted a viral infection called aspergillosis that landed the 52-year-old in Holst

All day in hospital

I have Sarcoidosis, Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CPA) and a very low CD4 count. I have challenged myself to do a daily vlog for 30 days

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A Month in the Life of a CPA Patient

Stewart Armstrong has chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and has undertaken to record a video of every day of his life for a month in order to help raise awareness of aspergillosis and how it impacts their daily lives.

Interview with CPA patient

This patient had severe kyphoscoliosis as a child with insertion of spinal rods in early adulthood. She is a life-long non-smoker.

A carer's story of living with aspergillosis

Short history from patient's wife. Brief history and experiences of attending National Aspergillosis Centre

Stewart Armstrong: A personal account on discovering that he has aspergillosis

Stewart Armstrong is an aspergillosis patient. A very fit young man he has opted to launch his own campaign to raise awareness and fundraise for Aspergillosis Research.

Interview with Patient JA living with CPA

A patient describes her experience of living with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and treatment with itraconazole.

A patient describes his life with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis

Woodrow Maitland tells of his personal experience of having aspergillosis. Like most people he had never heard of aspergillosis when he was finally diagnosed and treated at the National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester, UK

Informal patient group videos

A collection of video and audio resources intended for patients consisting of self help, patients own stories and patient conference talks.

Interview with CPA patient RW on long term antifungal treatments

A patient interview. This patient RW- with long term chronic pulmonary aspergillosis describes his experiences over 18 years during which he has taken various antifungal treatments. He remains well and currently takes itraconazole.

Interview with patient with an aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis who developed azole resistance patient MD

Video interview with patient with an aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, diagnosed after coughing up blood who later developed azole resistance on voriconazole.

Interview long-term ABPA patient who coughed up large sputum plugs

Video Interview with long-term ABPA patient who coughed up large sputum plugs. This patient had several episodes of pneumonia and developed bronchiectasis after diagnosis for a collapsed left lung.

Interview with patient HM with asthma and ABPA who improved with nebulised amphotericin B

Video interview with patient with childhood asthma and ABPA, who showed a marked improvement in her ABPA and asthma when she commenced nebulised Amphotericin B.

Interview with patient DW with childhood asthma and ABPA

Video interview with this patient with childhood asthma and ABPA. After persistent chest infections and continuous steroids and a bad productive cough, Aspergillus was cultured from sputum in 2002.

Patient describes his experience with 3 different types of antifungal drug

Video interview with patient JW with childhood asthma and subsequent ABPA, describes his experience with 3 different azole types of antifungal drugs and who showed a marked improvement when taking posaconazole.

Catherine survived acute invasive aspergillosis

Video interview with Catherine who following a kidney transplant developed severe invasive aspergillosis, but was successfully treated with antifungal drugs.