William J. Steinbach

Assistant Professor , Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Duke University,USA

Dr. Steinbach is a graduate of University of North Carolina School of Medicine and trained in Pediatrics at Stanford University.  He later completed a pediatric infectious diseases fellowship at Duke University.  He is an associate researcher at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. 

Dr. Steinbach has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters, generally concerning fungal disease and antifungal agents.  He is involved in several clinical trials of newer antifungal agents, including involvement with the NIAID Bacteriology and Mycoses Study Group.  To focus on the issues of fungal disease and treatment in pediatrics, he is also the co-director of the Pediatric Fungal Network.

His basic science interests include in vitro, in vivo, and molecular exploration of A. fumigatus, focusing on mechanisms of pathogenesis as well as optimizing antifungal therapies.  Dr. Steinbach’s clinical interest focuses on invasive aspergillosis diagnosis and management, as well as pediatric fungal infections and the unique characteristics they reveal.  In an effort to unite his basic science and clinical interests, Dr. Steinbach is a co-chairman of the Advances Against Aspergillosis international conference (www.advancesagainstaspergillosis.org). 

Recent key contributions to the literature:

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