In vitro evaluation of fibrolytic enzymes as additives for maize (Zea mays L.) silage III. Comparison of enzymes derived from psychrophilic, mesophilic or thermophilic sources

Dario Colombattoa, Fergus L Moulda, Mahalingeshwara K Bhatb, Richard H Phippsc, Emyr Owena

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a Department of Agriculture, The University of Reading, Earley Gate, Reading RG6 6AR, UK b FMS Division, Institute of Food Research, Colney Lane, Norwich NR4 7UA, UK c Centre for Dairy Research, Department of Agriculture, The University of Read


Abstract A completely randomised study was completed to examine the influence of fibrolytic enzymes derived from psychrophilic (F), mesophilic (L) or thermophilic (Ta) sources, applied at ensiling, on the chemical characteristics and in vitro rumen fermentation of maize silage, assessed using the Reading Pressure Technique (RPT). Treatments, all in triplicate, consisted of untreated maize forage or treated with preparations F, L, Ta or a mixture (1:1, v/v) of F and L (FL), at two levels each, and ensiled for 210 days in plastic mini-silos. Addition of enzymes L decreased (P

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2003 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Annual Meeting
    • AAAAI 2003 (59th)