In vitro activities of Nanoparticle ZnO on growth inhibition of standard strain of Candida albicans

N. Darabi 1, S. R. Mohammadi 2, H. Naderimanesh 3, M. Eskandari4

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Background: Candida albicans is many biomaterial-related infections. Typically, these infections are associated with biofilm formation. One intrinsic property of all microbial biofilms is their resistance to antimicrobial agents, which make them very difficult to treat. Therefore we have tested the antifungal effects of biocide zinc oxide against Candida albicans biofilms. Materials and Methods: This study is an experimental study that evaluated the antifungal effects of ZnO by a metabolic assay based on the reduction of tetrazolium salt (XTT). Briefly, each catheter section treats with nanoparticles ZnO and coated with biofilm and monitored growth of Candida albicans. Results: The biofilm growth curve showed that nanoparticles ZnO in catheter able to inhibit Candida albicans. MIC of ZnO was 296 μg/ml and biofilm cells decreased activity against sessile cells of Candida albicans. Conclusion: Our results demonstrated antifungal activity of ZnO could represent in medical devices to elimination of Candida biofilms. Keywords: Candida albicans, Nanoparticle ZnO, XTT

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Iranian Congress on Medical Mycology
    • ICMM 2011