Trend Towards Reduced Burden of Proven/Probable Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) in Adult Non-Allo-HSCT Neutropenic Patients with Acute Leukemia

L. Senn*, J.O. Robinson, T. CaLandra, O. Marchetti.

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Infectious Diseases Service, EHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland


Background: In Leukemic patients IFI are associated with severe morbidity and high mortality (30 to 90%). Moreover, IFI may have a negative impact on treatment and outcome of Leukemia. Recent progresses in diagnosis and management of IFI may have improved outcome. Objectives: To evaluate the morbidity and mortaLity of proven/probabLe IFI in adult non-aLLo-HSCT neutropenic patients with acute Leukemia. Methods: CLinicaL, radioLogicaL, and Laboratory data were prospectively coLLected in consecutive neutropenic patients with acute Leukemia (2002-2005). Antifunga[ prophylaxis was not used routinely. IFI were classified as proven, probable, or possible (EORTC-BAMSG). Proven/probabLe IFI cases were compared to controls (no IFI). Results: 157 neutropenic episodes (91 induction chemotherapy, 64 consolidation, 2 auto-HSCT) occurred in 86 patients (73 AML, 13 ALL). Median age was 57yr (range 19-77). IFI was proven/probabLe in 26 cases (14 aspergillosis, 14 candidiasis, including 2 mixed IFI) and possible in 28. Proven/probabLe IFI occurred during induction chemotherapy in 69% of cases. At admission neutropenia was present in 27% of IFI cases. Median days of in-hospitaL neutropenia were 25 (range 16-71) vs. 20 (range 7-59), respectively (p

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14th International Symposium of Infections in the Immunocompromised Host
    • ISIIH, 14th