R. Meley


Introduction: Microbiological control of surfaces in hospital or industrial environment is key to guaranty the quality of the environment. The objective of These controls is to verify the relevance and efficiency of the organic cleaning procedures, and to check critical points.

We Compared two technical control area:

- A swabbing method alternatively used in our hospital, preconised by CCLIN South West,

- A technical Including the Count Tact applicator and agar, the Bi-box transportation box (bioMérieux, France) That Enables standardization has (from the testing area to the transportation of plates).

Method: Over a 3-month period, SEVERAL technical sights in our hospital (patient, radiology, physiotherapy rooms ETCE) Were sampled selon the two technologies, both, using Trypticase Soy Agar (TSA) for total flora enumeration and Sabouraud Agar Chloramphenicol ( SAC) and Aspergillus Moulds for identification.

The swabbing method Consists in a defined sampling area with a wet swab and inoculate the Appropriate media.

The Count tact method Enables a live specimen collection from the area thanks to the convex agar meniscus.

In total, 90 samples therefor obtained from TSA and 75 from SAC Were Examined and Compared.

Results: Concerning the total flora, the mean face for micro organisms isolated bacteria Was 23.5 / 16 cm2 with the Count technical Tc (ie bacteria 146.8 / 100 cm2.) Did contre 58.9 bacteria for 100 cm2 for the swabbing method.

For the detection of Aspergillus and Moulds, the mean face for organisms isolated Was 0.52 / 16cm2 ​​for the Count technical Tc (ie. 3.25 / 100 cm2) and only 0.24 cells / 100 cm2 for the swabbing method.

Conclusion: Based on thesis results, the Count allows better technical performance in Tc for sensitivity Both the enumeration of total flora and the detection of Aspergillus Moulds and one surface.

In conclusion, this rapid and reliable method used in daily practice, has Enables standardization of the sampling area and can help in the management control environment. HOWEVER, the technical swabbing Could Be in control of interest for difficulty access areas.


Full conference title: 

Réunion Interdisciplinaire de Chimiothérapie Anti-Infectieuse
    • RICAI 24th (2004)