Subcellular loclisation of AREA and AREB under different carbon and nitrogen regimes

Maria Macios Piotr Weglenski Agnieszka Dzikowska

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Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Warsaw, Poland, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland  


Nitrogen metabolite repression modulates the expression of target genes participating in utilization of alternative nitrogen sources, resulting in transcription only when glutamine or ammonium levels are limiting. In Aspergillus nidulans this regulatory mechanism depends on GATA transcription factors AREA and AREB. Both these factors function as a repressor of arginine catabolism genes under nitrogen repressing conditions.The activities of AREA and AREB are differentially regulated by the carbon regime: AREA being necessary for the ammonium repression these genes under carbon repressing conditions, while AREB is primarily involved under carbon8208;limiting conditions. To invastigate how a subcellural localistion of these two regulators depends on carbon and nitrogen regimes, A. nidulans strains expressing AREA and AREB fusions with fluorescent proteins were made and localisation of these two proteins detected under different nitrogen and carbon conditions. Bimolecular Fluorescent Complementation (BiFC) system was also used to determine interactions of AREA and AREB. We also transformed A. nidulans areB deletion mutant with areB gene from plant pathogen Fusarium fujikuroi to check if both proteins are functional homologues.

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11 th European Conference on Fungal Genetics
    • ECFG 11th (2012)