Subacute Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis- Patient JA, CGD

Image A. This 25 year old woman was previously well and presented with a pneumonia of uncertain aetiology. She has infiltrates in right upper-lobe and left middle and lower zones. The diagnosis was later made of chronic invasive pulmonary aspergillosis by bronchoscopy . Subsequently she was diagnosed with adult-onset chronic granulomatous disease with neutrophil function assays. 

Image B. CT scan of the thorax just below the carina, showing almost complete opacification of the right lung and marked nodular shadowing around the hilum of the left lung. 

Image C. Progression of pulmonary infiltrates are seen seven weeks later, despite administration of amphotericin B. 

Image D. CT scan of the thorax above the carina showing near complete opacification of the right lung and multiple discrete nodular shadows in the left lung. 

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