Staff Research Associate 1

us: Staff Research Associate 1 [100% | Duties: Incumbent will assist the PI with research investigating the cell biology and biochemistry of plant defense and signaling, focusing primarily on the roles of defense metabolites in Poaceous crops such as sorghum and maize. Experiments to be performed include elicitor treatments of plants and evaluation of phenotypes through analysis of altered growth, of calcium and ROS signaling through | Minimum Requirements: Theoretical knowledge of molecular and plant biology acquired through Bachelor degree in biology or related field, and/or relevant lab experience; Experience with plants (preferably maize, sorghum or Arabidopsis), including genetic crosses and screens; Experience in field management, organization and daily work; Experience in phenotypic analysis of mutant lines; Demonstrated experience in basic microbiology, sterile techniques, and continuous culture of pure cells (bacteria, fungal, plant) for research; Experience in recombinant DNA techniques, RT-qPCR, sub-clone constructs using classical cloning, and; Experience in plant-insect bioassays; Experience in chemical extraction and metabolite analysis using GC-MS; Experience with basic molecula...] / University of California, San Diego (UCSD); La Jolla, California, United States / deadline December 14