Sodium Hypochlorite Inhibits Household Allergen Concentration and Recognition in Skin Testing

Pacheco, K., Barker, E., Westcott, B., Luna, B., Martyny, J.

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Rationale: We demonstrated that normal concentrations of household bleach denature Aspergillus antigens, and ablate skin test reactivity to treated extracts. The effects of bleach on other household allergens are less clear. We hypothesized that usual concentrations of bleach denature cat, dog, and dust mite allergens and diminish skin test reactivity to treated extracts. Methods: We determined baseline concentrations of fel d1, can f1, and derp1 in commercially available skin test extracts for cat (Greer), dog (Hollister Stier), and dust mite (Greer) respectively. Extracts were treated with a 1:1 volume of PBS or commercially available household bleach (0.025% NaOCl). Allergen concentrations were evaluated by ELISA and skin test reactivity. Following informed consent, subjects were included if they had a positive skin test to histamine and one or more allergens of interest (n=27). Results: Household bleach (HHB) denatured >99% of fel d1, can f1, and der p1 antigens in skin test extracts, and residual concentrations were

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International Conference of the American Thoracic Society
    • ATS 2007