Short Intensive Chemotherapy with Rituximab Seems Successful in Burkitt NHL, Mature B-ALL and Other High-Grade B-NHL. Session Type: Oral Session

Dieter Hoelzer, Karl-Heinz Baur, Aristoteles Giagounidis, Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, Axel Glasmacher, Ulrich Duehrsen, Bernd Metzner, Kathleen Jentsch-Ullrich, Alfred Feller, Rainer Fietkau, Heinz-August Horst, Michael Kneba, Harald Rieder, Eckhard Thiel, R

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University Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany; for the GMALL Study Group


Results in mature B-ALL and Burkitt NHL improved substantially with short intensive chemotherapy cycles based on fractionated CYCLO/IFO and HD-MTX. Further improvement by intensification of HD-MTX dose is limited due to toxicity particularly in elderly pts. Since 86% of B-ALL/Burkitt-NHL pts were CD20+ (>20% of cells) a new protocol GMALL B-ALL/NHL 2002 was initiated which includes antiCD20. The regimen with six 5-day chemotherapy cycles is based on previous GMALL studies (Blood 87:495, 1996). Major new features are (1) 8 x antiCD20 (before each chemotherapy cycle and 2 x after cycle 6) and (2) a new cycle with HDARAC beside other drugs (cycle C). Pts =15 yrs) from 39 centers entered the new protocol: 19 mature B-ALL, 36 Burkitt NHL, 5 B-lymphoblastic lymphoma, 18 diffuse large B-cell NHL and 4 large cell anaplastic NHL. 53 pts have completed the first two cycles and were evaluable for a 1st interim analysis. The median age was 40 (16-73) yrs with 21% > 55 yrs. In NHL 56% had stage III/IV disease, 66% elevated LDH, 29% bulky disease, 69% EN involvement and 45% B-symptoms. CR (including 1 CRu) after only 2 cycles (AB) was achieved in 10/11 B-ALL pts (91%); 1 elderly B-ALL patient died from suspected CNS aspergillosis. All B-ALL pts

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American Society of Hematology 45th Annual Meeting
    • ASH 45th (2003)