Reduction rates of involved area in onychomycosis patients receiving anti- fungal agents

Kaneko T.

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When we treat onychomycosis, drug efficacy should be evaluated from the perspectives of both clinical and mycological effects, requiring clinical improvement, negativities of microscopic findings or mycological culture, As a clinical index, the degree of turbidity of an infected nail have been usually scored by measuring the distance from the distal edge to the proximal edge of the involved area, with the distance from the distal edge of the nail bed to the proximal nail fold being defined as 10 (highest). But the degree of turbidity was sometimes difficult to evaluate precisely, when the shape of affected area with mycosis had changed irregularly as time passed. The author examined onychomycosis patients of toenail to evaluate clinical course correctly. The involved area was measured using software of a computer with clinical photographs. Reduction rates were compared among patients receiving anti-fungal agents.

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17th International Society for Human and Animal Mycology
    • ISHAM 17th (2009)