Pt JE invasive aspergillus sinusitis

This patient was diagnosed with Myelodyspasia/ Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in January 05. When he received intensive chemotherapy. Had previous history of chronic sinusitis, but after chemotherapy he developed significant maxillary sinusitis. He was treated with Caspofungin with good response, and subsequently with voriconazole. Patient has further CT scans in August 05 with myelodysplasia in remission.

A biopsy of ethmoid sinus in May showed a chronic inflammmatory process with bony invasion by fungal hyphae. The patient was in remission from myelodysplasia and was not undergoing treatment for this at the time of the scans. 

In Aug 05 scans show the right maxillary sinus is now opacified. Destruction of superior medial wall of right maxillary sinus. Superiorly there was bone destruction with communication with the lower right ethmoid air cells. Lateral wall of right maxillary sinus remains thick walled with irregular periosteal thickening. No significant abnormality is seen within the nasal cavity or left paranasal sinuses. The biopsy of the ethmoid sinus revealed hyphae consistent with aspergillus. Since the patient was on voriconazole at this time this may indicate resistance. The case is ongoing with further surgery for debridement of right nasal side imminent. The patient is currently in remission.

Feb 06 D Denning

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