A prospective French national survey to evaluate renal function in patients treated with amphotericin B lipid formulations

S. Faouzi

Author address: 

Villejuif, FR


Objective: To evaluate renal function in patients treated with Amphotericin B lipid formulations (recommended for treating patients with renal failure). Methods: A prospective multicentre national survey to evaluate the renal function in adult patients (pts) treated for fungal infections with the two available lipid formulations Abelcet and Ambisome. From April 2003 to December 2004, 99 pts were treated with lipid formulations, 88 pts (43F; 45M) with mean age of 49 + 13 years were evaluable from renal safety. 44% of pts had neutropenia

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16th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
    • ECCMID 16th (2006)