The prevalence and characteristics of intravenous (IV) antibiotics allergy in adult patient with cystic 64257;brosis (CF)

Ravi Beri, Reema Jassal, Deep Shah, Waeil Bashari, Sarah Whewall,Angela Norcup, Albert Yick-Hou Lim

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1 Department of Respiratory Medicine, University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom


Background: CF patients have increased risk of antibiotics allergy. There is little information on the prevalence and characteristics of IV antibiotics in adult CF patients. Objectives: To determine the prevalence and the role of CFTR genotype in IV antibiotics allergy in adult CF patients, and to describe the characteristics of allergy. Methods: A retrospective study on all CF patients attending the regional adult CF centre at University Hospital of North Staffordshire between January 2009 and December 2010. Age, sex, CFTR genotype, BMI, spirometry, sputum microbiology/mycology, Aspergillusserology, allergic reactions, the type and the number of courses of IV antibiotics administered were recorded. Results: 39 of 54 patients received at least 1 course of IV antibiotic were studied. 16 patients with allergy (mean (±SE) age 28.1±2.0, 10 female) and 23 without (mean (±SE) age 28.5±2.6, 10 female). The 2 groups had similar spirometry (FEV1 % predicted 42.9±4.7 and 51.5±4.6) and BMI. No differences in sex, ABPA and Aspergillus sensitisation occurrence. 50% of the allergic patients were DF508/DF508. The risk of allergy was 22% on Ceftazidime, 18% on Tazobactam, 17% on Meropenem, 15% on Colistin, 12% on Aztreonam and 5% on Tobramycin. The common clinical manifestations were nausea/vomiting (27%), arthralgia (19%) and diarrhoea (16%). The overall prevalence of IV antibiotics allergy was 41% (16/39). 10 antibiotics desensitisations were performed with a success rate of 70%. Conclusions: IV antibiotics allergy is common, Ceftazidime has the highest risk and no correlation with CFTR genotype. Further study is required to determine the risk factors for IV antibiotics allergy.

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European Respiratory Society Annual Congress
    • ERS 22nd (2012)