Plant Pathogen Discovery and Research Assistant

us: Plant Pathogen Discovery and Research Assistant [100% | Duties: The UC Davis Vegetable and Field Crop Pathology program in the Plant Pathology department provides pathology support to over 25 farm advisors and 35 crops across California. Responsibilities of this position include diagnosing crop diseases of unknown etiology, characterizing new diseases discovered through diagnosis efforts, conducting surveys for new diseases, developing new diagnostics tools | Minimum Requirements: MS in plant pathology or related field, with a focus on fungal plant pathogens, or equivalent experience/training; Skills to maintain a fungal culture collection; Experience conducting an independent research project; Strong time management and multitasking skills; Experience with staff management and delegation; Knowledge of methods in plant disease diagnosis; Experience working in the field; Experience in plant propagation and maintenance; Knowledge of experimental design and basic statistical analysis; Experienced in basic molecular methods as is relevant to the identification of fungal species and strains(DNA extraction, PCR, sequence preparation, BLAST-search analysis); Experience with computer packages for data storage and analysis, w... | Preferred Requirements: Experience identifying symptoms of plant diseases, methods for inoculation and isolation of plant pathogenic fungi, methods for quantifying disease development, and methods for identifying fungi to the genus level based on morphology using standard keys; Experience with QPCR; Experience with basic bioinformatics methods including use of sequence editing software (Genius, CLC, chromas, Mega or similar) and use of BLAST databases; Primer/probe design and phylogenetic analysis experience is desirable but not required; Experience designing field experiments and knowledge of how to conduct field plantings, evaluations and harvests; Experience of in-field disease diagnosis; how to interpret the significance of in field distribution patterns over ...] / University of California, Davis (UC Davis); Davis, California, United States / deadline December 19