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Patulin (6CI); 4-​Hydroxy-​4H-​furo[3,​2-​c]​pyran-​2(6H)​-​one; Acetic acid, (2,​4-​dihydroxy-​2H-​pyran-​3(6H)​-​ylidene)​-​, 3,​4-​lactone; Clairformin; Clavacin; Clavatin; Claviformin; DL-​Patulin; Expansin; Expansin (antibiotic); Expansine; Gigantin; Leucopin; Mycoin; Mycoin C; Mycoin C3; NSC 32951; NSC 8120; Patuline; Penicidin; Terinin

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4H-​Furo[3,​2-​c]​pyran-​2(6H)​-​one, 4-​hydroxy-

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Production of two antibacterial substances, fumigacin and clavacin. Waksman, Selman A.; Horning, Elizabeth S.; Spencer, Ernest L. Science (Washington, DC, United States) (1942), 96, 202-3. Mycotoxin production and evolutionary relationships among species of Aspergillus section Clavati. Varga, Janos; Rigo, Krisztina; Molnar, Janos; Toth, Beata; Szencz, Szilvia; Teren, Jozsef; Kozakiewicz, Zofia. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (2003), 83(2), 191-200 Antibiotics from Moulds. J. KENT & N. G. HEATLEY. Nature 156, 295-296 (08 September 1945) Production of patulin by Micromycetes. Steiman R., Seiglle-...

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The oral LD50 in rats and mice is 30-35 mg/kg body-weight causing liver, spleen and kidney damage with oedema and haemorrhaging. It has been suspected as carcinogenic for many years and recent assessments of chronic toxicity have not conclusively removed this possibility.

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