Patient CD: Voriconazole rash in ABPA patient.

Facial erythema: Voriconazole rash in ABPA patient resistant to corticosteroids, treated with voriconazole 200mg BID. Serum voriconazole levels were very low and the dose was raised to 250mg BID. Within 3 weeks patient had developed remarkable facial erythema. His trough voriconazole concentration at this time was 370ng/ml. When voriconazole was stopped because of the facial erythema and lack of impact on his ABPA his facial erythema resolved over 4 weeks.

Forearm erythema related to voriconazole. As with facial erythema patient developed remarkable forearm erythema with lesions similar to porphyria cutanea tarda all of which resolved with stopping voriconazole.

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