Ochratoxin B



Trivial name: 

Alanine, N-​[(8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​1-​oxo-​7-​isochromanyl)​carbonyl]​-​3-​phenyl-​, L- (8CI); L-​Phenylalanine, N-​[(3,​4-​dihydro-​8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​1-​oxo-​1H-​2-​benzopyran-​7-​yl)​carbonyl]​-​, (R)​-; Ochratoxin B (7CI)

Systematic name: 

L-​Phenylalanine, N-​[[(3R)​-​3,​4-​dihydro-​8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​1-​oxo-​1H-​2-​benzopyran-​7-​yl]​carbonyl]​-

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Mycotoxins. II. The constitution of ochratoxins A, B, and C, metabolites of Aspergillus ochraceus. van der Merwe, K. J.; Steyn, P. S.; Fourie, L. Journal of the Chemical Society (1965), (Dec.), 7083-8. Aspergilli as ochratoxin producers. Hesseltine, C. W.; Vandegraft, Elsie E.; Fennell, Dorothy I.; Smith, Mabel L.; Shotwell, Odette L. Mycologia (1972), 64(3), 539-50. Ochratoxin production by Aspergillus species. Varga, Janos; Kevei, Eva; Rinyu, Edit; Teren, Jozsef; Kozakiewicz, Zofia. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (1996), 62(12), 4461-4464

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Very much less toxic than ochratoxin A with an oral LD50 in day-old chicks of 54 mg/kg body weight.

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