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1H,​5H-​Imidazo[1',​2':1,​2]​pyrido[2,​3-​b]​indole-​2,​5(3H)​-​dione, 7a-​(1,​1-​dimethyl-​2-​propenyl)​-​6,​7,​7a,​12-​tetrahydro-​6-​hydroxy-​3-​(1H-​imidazol-​4-​ylmethylene)​-​12-​methoxy-​, (3E,​6S,​7aR,​12aS)​- (9CI); Neooxaline; Neoxalin

Systematic name: 

1H,​5H-​Imidazo[1',​2':1,​2]​pyrido[2,​3-​b]​indole-​2,​5(3H)​-​dione, 7a-​(1,​1-​dimethyl-​2-​propen-​1-​yl)​-​6,​7,​7a,​12-​tetrahydro-​6-​hydroxy-​3-​(1H-​imidazol-​5-​ylmethylene)​-​12-​methoxy-​, (3E,​6S,​7aR,​12aS)​-

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Neoxaline, a new alkaloid produced by Aspergillus japonicus. Production, isolation and properties. Hirano, Atsushi; Iwai, Yuzuru; Masuma, Rokurou; Tei, Kiyoizumi; Omura, Satoshi. Journal of Antibiotics (1979), 32(8), 781-5. Combined molecular and biochemical approach identifies Aspergillus japonicus and Aspergillus aculeatus as two species. Parenicova, Lucie; Skouboe, Pernille; Frisvad, Jens; Samson, Robert A.; Rossen, Lone; ten Hoor-Suykerbuyk, Marjon; Visser, Jaap Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2001), 67(2), 521-527. Two novel species of Aspergillus section Nigri from Thai...

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