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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolitesort ascending Produced by (Species) Molecular weight References Structure image
Cryptoechinuline G Eurotium rubrum 457.61
Cryptoechinuline F A. amstelodami
Cryptoechinuline E A. amstelodami
Cryptoechinuline D A. amstelodami 619.75
Cryptoechinuline C A. amstelodami 323.35
Cryptoechinuline B A. amstelodami 687.87
Cryptoechinuline A A. amstelodami 389.49
Coniochaetone A A. stromatoides 230.22
Compactin (Statins) A. terreus 390.51
Cladosporin A. flavus 292.33
Cladosporin Eurotium repens var. amstelodami 292.33
Cladosporin Aspergillus (species not defined) 292.33
Citrinin A. terreus 250.25
Citrinin A. candidus 250.25
Citrinin A. terreus 251.0930
Citreoviridin A. terreus 402.48
Citraconic anhydride metabolite 2 A. wentii 352.51
Citraconic anhydride metabolite 1 A. wentii 350.49
Citraconic anhydride derivative A. wentii 394.54
Citraconic anhydride A. wentii 112.08
Citraconic anhydride A. nidulans 112.08
cis-​3,​6-​dibenzyl-​3,​6-​bis(methylthio)​piperazine-​2,​5-​dione A. terreus
cis-4-Hydroxymellein A. melleus 194.18
cichorine A. nidulans 193.20
cichorine A. silvaticus 193.20
Chrysophanol A. crystallinus 254.24
Chrysophanol A. glaucus 254.24
Chrysophanol A. aculeatus 254.24
Chrysogine A. arachidicola 190.20
Chloromethyresorcyloylhydroxyanisinate A. terreus var. aureus 527.30
Chlorflavonin A. candidus 378.76
Chevalone E A. similanensis KUFA0013 415.2851
Carboxydiphenylbutenoic anhydride A. nidulans 264.28
Canescin A. malignus 578.65
Candidusin C A. candidus 366.36
Candidusin C A. taichungensis 366.36
Candidusin B A. candidus 368.34
Candidusin A A. candidus 352.34
Candidusin A A. campestris 352.34
Candidusin A A. taichungensis 352.34
Butyrolactone IV A. terreus 440.44
Butyrolactone III 1,2-dichloroethane A. terreus
Butyrolactone III A. terreus 440.44
Butyrolactone II A. terreus 356.33
Butyrolactone I A. terreus 424.44
Butanedioic acid A. niger 214.26
brevianamide M A. versicolor 321.33
brevianamide K A. versicolor 347.41
Brevianamide F phenyltransferase A. fumigatus Not known
Bianthrone and secoanthraquinone secondary metabolite 3 A. wentii 566.60