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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
Gliotoxin A. awamori 326.39
Gliotoxin Neosartorya pseudofischeri 326.39
aflatoxin Q1 A. flavus 328
aflatoxin G1 A. minisclerotigenes 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. nomius 328.28
aflatoxin M1 A. flavus 328.28
aflatoxin M1 A. parasiticus 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. parasiticus 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. arachidicola 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. flavus 328.28
Aflatoxin B2a A. flavus 330
aflatoxin M2 A. flavus 330
aflatoxin G2 A. arachidicola 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. flavus 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. minisclerotigenes 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. nomius 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. parasiticus 330.29
Auranthine A. lentulus 330.34
Auranthine A. fumigatus 330.34
Auranthine A. fumigatiaffinis 330.34
sulochrin sulochrin 332
Isosulochrin A. wentii 332.30
Asperfuranone A. nidulans 333.1702
Fumimycin A. fumisynnematus 333.29
Phthalide or chromanol (8) A. duricaulis 334.36
Penicillin A. parasiticus 334.39
Penicillin A. flavus 334.39
Penicillin A. nidulans 334.39
Penicillin A. oryzae 334.39
oxylipin A. nidulans 335
oxylipin A. flavus 335
oxylipin A. niger 335
oxylipin A. ochraceus 335
Cyclopiazonic acid A. versicolor 336.39
Cyclopiazonic acid A. flavus 336.39
Cyclopiazonic acid A. oryzae 336.39
Cyclopiazonic acid A. tamarii 336.39
terphenyllin terphenyllin 338
versicolorin A versicolorin A 338.268
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. versicolor 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. flavus 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. chevalieri 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. ruber 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. amstelodami 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. parasiticus 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. rambellii 338.31
O-methyl-Sterigmatocystin A. nomius 338.31
versicolorin C versicolorin C 340.284
O-Methyldihydrosterigmatocystin A. versicolor 340.33
O-Methyldihydrosterigmatocystin A. flavus 340.33